Necessity of Work

Williette Safehouse executed its seventh Service Project on August 29, 2018, titled Necessity of Work. After careful observation in the Disabled Community, the Service Project team recommended Mr. Zoegar J. Railey with valuable items relating to his business. Mr. Railey developed his disability post-birth. He got seriously ill with a high-grade fever as a child, causing his family to take him to Lamco Hospital. A doctor at the hospital gave him an injection, and complications from the infusion led to his disability. 

Unfortunately, there was no medical solution for the complications that led to his disability, so Mr. Railey’s parents sent him to stay with his relatives in Monrovia. Living in the city was difficult for Mr. Railey; however, he used his self-dependent nature to put his skills to use. He started a shoe business and a market. Mr. Railey uses his talents daily to sustain his family (composed of his wife and three kids) and himself.

On August 29, 2018, Williette Safehouse donated materials to support his business, including a box of polish with two colors (brown and black), a box of liquid polish, a shoe brush, a pack of shoe nails, and sewing threads to add to his business supplies. Mr. Railey appreciated the team. He offered great praises and encouraged Williette Safehouse to continue to help those within the Disabled Community.