Who Is Williette?

Williette Stryker was a loving, caring, generous, dependable, and righteous woman during her lifetime. She was proud to carry out the duties as a Liberian wife, mother, sister, aunt, cousin, and grandmother.

When Did We Start

The visionary and philanthropist Samuel A. Stryker II is the son of Williette Stryker. Throughout his years within the funeral home business, his continuous service has given him and his family the resources needed to assist a community they hold incredibly close to their hearts. Their passion grew in tandem with the needs of the Disabled Community. After years of actively providing assistance and spending time and energy researching a holistic development approach for the overall betterment of the Disabled Community, in February 2015, Williette Safehouse was born.

Where are we called to serve?

Williette Safehouse is called to serve one of the most marginalized groups globally, a community that is not only disabled by their bodies but, unfortunately, by the world. This unique group of fantastic youth and children lacks services and environments developed for their lifestyle. This beautiful community has fewer economic opportunities, lower educational achievements, insufficient access to health care services, and therefore experiences unmet health care needs than their non-disabled counterparts.

What is a Safehouse? || The Long Term Project

Our Safehouse will provide developmental opportunities in various levels and areas created solely for Liberian youth and children with disabilities. This safe and inclusive environment will aid in building authentic relationships. It will also foster partnerships with other organizations and individuals worldwide who are passionate about our work and the community we serve. The Safehouse will be a resource-rich facility offering a hand-up instead of a handout.