Holistic School Improvement: Taking Care of the Whole Child

On May 17, 2018, members of Williette Safehouse undertook a two-hour service project at Hope School for the Deaf. The project was the first phase of a two-month series the team has committed to carrying out for the students. Phase one of the project included an introductory talk, a brief breakdown of health, and an overview of the importance of the disabled community receiving assistance. After the presentation took place, the team shared snack items amongst the group and informed the students of what they should expect from the second phase of the project.

As the project concluded, the school staff expressed their thankfulness. Explaining that many of the children within Liberia’s deaf community do not get an opportunity to experience holistic projects. The students often express their difficulties which are typically the lack of resources, opportunities, and respect. The team members of Williette Safehouse made it clear to each individual that their life has meaning and purpose. They also stressed their mission is to assist in their development and each man, woman, and child with the Liberian disabled community.